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Blooming Glen and Fairhill Schools


This school is a neighboring school of Blue School. It is also a one story schoolhouse. At first it was not organized by grades. Students were grouped by the first, second, and third reader books. After ten years the school was graded, a second story was added, and two new teachers were employed. This was the beginning of the High School.

The Blooming Glen Primary level had an enrollment of thirty, and the Grammar school level had an enrollment of twenty eight.


Fairhill School is located south of Fairhill. The schoolhouse is only one story, and is made of stone and plaster. The school has old trees around its grounds. The school is not as old as some of the others are. The school was named after the Bucks County village in which it was built. The town was originally named Garisville.

There was a teacher at this school named Miss Grace Allebach. The student population was thirty-nine. There was no sixth grade, but the school was made to house up to eighth grade.