Owner- Peter Andersen  Examining Drawing  Working in Autocad Program

Andersen Engineering Associates, Inc. is a local business that is located on Fifth Street in Perkasie, PA. This profit-making company was founded by Peter Andersen. The business's first location was in Wrightstown, PA, which is near Buckingham. This business began in 1987 and in 1993 Andersen Engineering moved to Perkasie. They presently have 26 employees. The Andersen Engineering firm does civil engineering and land surveying throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.
Their engineering work includes land development, storm water management, and water / waste water management. Surveying work includes title and topographical surveys, wetlands location, and cellular tower sites. Planning work includes layout, permit assistance, and site renderings.

Basic plan for new development near Callowhill Street in Perkasie  Development viewed on computer monitor - design in progress in Autocad program
Development in progress-view toward Callowhill Street Another view of development - view from Ridge Road

PROJECT MANAGER- Andersen Engineering Associates,Inc.