Baker-Dorothy Mercier

Dorothy Mercier decided to be in the pastry business because she loves to bake and the business worked well with her having a family and small children. Being in the pastry business there is no schooling required. She got a job working with food samples and she learned on the job.

The hours that Dorothy Mercier works during the busy season are approximately 60 hours a week, and during a slow season, 35 hours a week. In such a position, one might begin working at $7.00 an hour and could earn as much as $75,000 dollars a year. In her employees she looks for creativity and dependability; she likes to know that they want to make a career of pastries. Being in the pastry business was a spur of the moment decision for Dorothy Mercier and she fell in love with this creative work.

Dorothy Mercier's favorite desserts are tiramisu and pappy cake. Dorothy Mercier specializes in European and Italian desserts. A best seller of hers is called chocolate damnation  which is a cheesecake, a layer of chocolate mousse, and chocolate cake.


Pastry by Dorothy Mercier