Breaking into the Job of Being a Baker  

These two cakes are examples of Mrs. Mitchell's creativity in her job.

Mrs. Mitchell is the owner of the dessert business, Sweet Endings Desserts. She mostly runs the business by herself, except for when her husband helps with the brochures and other computer work. Much schooling was needed for this job. She took cooking classes, worked in the baking industry, and pretty much taught herself certain techniques.

The responsibilities that Mrs. Mitchell holds are filling out the orders, baking the desserts, and delivering the goods. The work hours of her job always change. It mostly depends on how many orders she gets and the time of the year. During holidays there are many required hours, but during the winter the business starts to slow down. A job such as this involves a lot of hours, and high pay at times. The positive aspects of her job are the flexibility, being her own boss, and the enjoyment she gets out of baking. A negative aspect of her job is always being at work (since the business is run out of her home) - this can be very hectic at times.

Mrs. Mitchell finds the job very enjoyable and exciting. Her typical day is getting up, going downstairs and starting to bake, mostly on Friday's and weekends. She has been in the business for about seven years; during some of this time she worked at restaurants. To be able to be qualified for this job she had to have restaurant experience, food school classes, and self-teaching. There is a lot of creativity in this job, and there is no limit,so it is very easy for her to use her imagination, which she enjoys. Overall the job of a baker is fun and exciting for Mrs. Mitchell .


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