Branch Manager-First Savings Bank

Mrs. Bachtell is the branch manager at First Savings Bank in Perkasie, PA. She is in charge of all employees in the Perkasie branch. She went to Pennridge High School and Lebanon Valley College. She even has a degree in music and has taught for some years.

Her education has helped her in this career, but it was not specifically needed for this occupation. She got interested in this job because she was always a good math student and she liked working with people. The president of the company also influenced her in changing careers. Mrs. Bachtell has worked at First Savings for about four and a half years. Mrs. Bachtell works from 45 to 50 hours a week and sometimes takes home her work. She told us that it is a nice business and she is happy where she works.

We asked her what are some positive and negative aspects of her job. She told us that a negative aspect is that if someone is angry they would go straight to her door. Also she has the responsibility to bounce peoples checks and/or tell them that their account is overdrawn.

Regarding promotions, Mrs. Bachtell said that if you are a teller or a branch manager you can get a promotion. She also mentioned that her company is good at giving promotions. Her job is important to this business because she is in charge of her branch and if she makes people happy they will continue to come and use the business. She tries to improve this business by keeping the tellers in line with good work habits and by working efficiently.

  This is the building of First Savings Bank in Perkasie, PA managed by Mrs. Pixie Bachtell. There are other branches of First Savings.

 First Savings Bank - the business