Cartoonist Robin Heller

Creator of Mukluk and Honisukle

This is a picture of Robin Heller and his fiddle.

If you read the cartoons for a good laugh, you are probably familiar with Robin Heller's comic strip Mukluk and Honisukle. Robin Heller, the creator of the famous Mukluk and Honisukle cartoon, is not only a cartoonist, he has a variety of hidden talents.

One of his well-known talents is playing his fiddle for school students around the state, and sometimes even farther away than that. The feedback from the children at the schools has been very positive. They enjoy having Mr. Heller come to their school and hearing the sounds of his fiddles. This experience is also enriching for students studying American History. He has a variety of songs he selects to play for the children including Goin' Down The River, Old Mother Flanagan, and Swing 9 Yds. Of Calico. (Plus many more.)

Another one of Robin Heller's talents is hosting a Let's Draw! program at schools, libraries, and bookstores. These sessions can range anywhere from an hour to several days. In the classes he covers topics such as learning how to create your own original character, learning how to make cartoon facial expressions, and even creating a caricature of someone you know.

But his main job and interest is drawing cartoons. To receive the education he needed for this career, Robin Heller attended the Hussein School of Art in Philadelphia.
His business is self-run; he is the only employee. "I am the president and I empty the wastebaskets," he says with a laugh, "and I like it better that way."
There are good and bad things to every business, and Robin Heller's is no exception. Robin says that he really enjoys his career, everything from the school presentations to the production of the comic strip .

Creative Production - the business.