Mrs. Donna Ricci is a co-owner of Images Salon and also is the manager of the business and one of the stylists. To be a cosmotologist, you have to go to beauty school for cosmetology; 1,250 hours are required for the state before getting a cosmetology license. Some responsibilities for stylists are that you have to know everything about cutting hair, shampooing hair, perming hair, hair color, and nail treatments.

At this job, you have a choice of working either part time or full time. If you decide to work part time, you would work about fifteen to twenty hours a week. If you wanted to work full time, you would work about thirty-five to forty hours a week. If you work from a time period from morning to evening, you would cut about twenty-five people's hair.


Donna Ricci at work

Some positive things about this job are that you can work with people, participate in management decisions, meet a lot of nice people, and continue your education through classes and seminars. This is a good job to get involved with because you can do it your whole life; it is also an easy job once you learn the job. There are also some negative things about this job. One negative aspect of this job is that it is hard getting started when you don't have your own clients - you have to build your book of appointments.

Rinse by Images employee 

Employee, Carol Lapp trims a client's hair

 Co-owner, Joan Engle, styles a client's hair