Bucks County District Court 2-3

The entire District Court of Bucks County was established on January 4, 1970. Bucks County District Court 2-3 is located in Perkasie, PA. in a structure that was built by January 1999. This particular court office deals with public service agencies, the public filing of small claims, marriage licenses, traffic and non-citations, criminal hearings. District Court is a governmental agency and is non-profit the money goes to the state and county. The Bucks County District Court is a state and county government office. The money that the district court collects goes to the state and county, and it usually is around fifty to sixty thousand dollars a year.

Bucks County District Court is open from eight a.m. to five o'clock p.m. five days a week and is very organized in the way it is run. In the county there are eighteen courts and the court administrator oversees all the courts. If there is a problem, they usually call the court administrator.

To become a judge here, you have to be elected, then go to school for five weeks plus one week every year for additional training.

In the Perkasie office of Bucks County District Court there are three clerks, one court clerk administrator, and one judge - Judge Ruth C. Dietrich.

County Judge