Dublin Veterinary Clinic

This site will tell you all about the Dublin Veterinary Clinic which is located on Deep Run Road in Dublin, PA. We interviewed Dr. Kris Kenzora from the clinic to get our information for our pages.


Dublin Veterinary Clinic is located on Deep Run Road in Dublin, PA.This local company has been in business for about five years. According to Dr. Kris Kenzora,veterinarian, they treat almost any kind of animal. The clinic does not specialize; they have treated foxes, turkeys, and snakes. They also treat normal house animals like cats and dogs.

The clinic is open from 8-5 on Monday through Friday and 8-12 on Saturday. In addition, the staff is on call if there is a real emergency. There is also an answering service to take messages in the early morning before they get there. Dr. Kenzora said that 98% of the profits go into buying supplies for the clinic. We asked how many people worked at the Dublin Veterianrian Clinic and DR. Kenzora said that there are two doctors that work there, a guest surgeon, and a fulltime technician.

Regarding how many patients the clinic gets a day, Dr Kenzora stated:"one day we will have just a few pets come in and then the next day we will have lots of appointments. It changes from day to day all the time. The weather and the season also has an effect on how many pets we have come in," she said. Finally we asked her if there was another clinic she worked at. She said she is self employed and she only works at this clinic with Dr. Schmidt and the other employees.

These are pictures of the clinic.


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