Furniture Designer

James Van Etten is a furniture designer; he does his own designing. He also does custom designing for his clients. The furniture he designs is top of the line furniture in a modern style. He takes a lot of pride in his work. He makes both furniture & cabinetry and architectural casework.


Van Etten's showroom features numerous pieces of furniture.

 Modular bloom table can be arranged in many patterns.

His business is a small profit making company. The work he does is very time consuming, and his pieces are one-of-a-kind. He does most of the woodwork because he enjoys working with his hands a lot.

Both domestic and imported woods are used in the creation of his furniture. He gets some of his woods from Africa and they are very expensive. His customers return to him because of his fine work. Even though he does not advertise his business a lot.

This is a picture of James Van Etten's workshop. He used this 4th Street location since he moved to Perkasie.   This is James Van Etten's new workshop. He is in the process of renovating this facility and plans to move his business to this 6th Street location in the near future.

James Van Etten- the Business