Grand View Hospital is located in Sellersville, PA. This hospital services all kinds of sickness and disease and treats patients with cancer. Grand View Hospital is a non-profit organization that is open to anyone. It is located at 700 Lawn Avenue, Sellersville Pennsylvania. Grand View Hospital is not affiliated with any other hospitals, it is an independent community hospital. Grand View Hospital is connected with Thomas Jefferson Cancer Network.

Grand View Hospital has 1400 employees that work on seven days of the week and on three different shifts. They have people that work in a variety of fields such as physicans, janitors(mantainence), and technology personnel. They are liscenced for 250 patients, and last year (1999) made a profits of over 1 million dollars. As such a large employer, they must be very organized. Their organizational structure includes a CEO and eight vice presidents for specific critical areas. The hospital is run by a board of trustees. The hospital's plans for the immediate future are to expand their radiation department. They are also plan to add an MRI unit.