This is a picture of a manicurist treating nails. Many color and pattern choices. Nails with hand painting on top of the polish.

If you are interested in a career in cosmetology, you need 1250 hours of training and many different classes. A license is required before you can start a job in this career. With this career you have to know about cutting hair, painting nails, making wigs, and skin care. You may also get to do hair and nails for a wedding.

There are negative and positive aspects to a career in cosmetology. Positive aspects of the job are that you have job flexibility and you can make a lot money. Salary varies; some salons pay commission while others pay a set salary plus money from tips. Employee benefits vary at area salons.

With this job you also have certain responsibilities. You have to satisfy your clients' needs, listen to them, and of course show up at work on time! Some cosmetologists also work with special needs clients who need special wigs or other other services.

This is a picture of a client getting her hair dried . Product display in the salon. This is a picture of a hairstylist blow drying a clients hair.

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