Mr. Jurin and 4th grade teachers                                       Student name:

Data Collection Sheet - Local History Field Trip
Seylar Elementary School, 4th Grade
April 1999

A. Information gathered during entire trip:
1. Most of the roads do not go in _______________ lines. Why were they made
this way?

2. Why were two of the houses built right next to the road?


3. Count how many old houses are mainly built of:


4. Count how many working farms you see during the trip. __________________
   Count how many places look like old farms but are no longer used for farming.
What might this information tell us about our community in the past?


B. Blooming Glen Mennonite Church and Cemetery
1. Mr. Gross, guest speaker- Describe one thing you learned about the church or
about Blooming Glen from Mr. Gross.


2. Do one of the activity cards to collect information from the cemetery. If you
get done early do another card.

C. Pearl Buck Home, Foundation and Grave
1. Pearl Buck became famous as a __________. She won the ________ Prize
for ______________ in 1938. Her most famous book is titled ____________
___________. 2. She believed strongly in helping _____________ who did not
have ______________ to take care of them, especially children of mixed

Turn to other side. >>>>>

D. Hilltown Civic Park
1. What do you think the old building is? _________________________ Why?


Why do you think that it was built this way?


2. The historic building is a ___________, built by Welsh settlers about 1740.

E. Hilltown Township Municipal Building
1. Mr. Greg Lippincott, Assistant Manager, will talk about the government and
services of Hilltown Township.
2. Write down one thing you learned from Mr. Lippincott.




F. Your feelings about the field trip and the lessons taught with it:
1. Were the field trip and lessons a good way of learning about local history?




2. What did you enjoy most about the trip and lessons?




3. What could be improved on the trip or lessons?