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Gehman, Red, and Union Schools


Gehman's School, located on Route 113, is built of brick and has an asbestos shingle roof. It is the only school in Hilltown to have this type of roof. Miss Betty Bowen was the teacher of this school. On March 24, 1924, the school was destroyed by a fire. But it was rebuilt in the summer of the same year. While the school was burning, there were still 34 students in the building. Fortunately, all the students got out of the building unharmed. The Silverdale Fire Company let the students use their new Fire House for a school while they finished up the school term. The school was rebuilt in the summer following the fire. The Silverdale people said they had a high school now because they had two schools in the borough.



This school is located on the Sellersville road leading from Silverdale to Sellersville (Diamond Street). It is constructed of brick and has only one story. It was able to hold eight grades. Today it is a private residence.

One of the teachers of this school was Mrs. Mamie Watts. In the year 1924-25, she had twenty-nine students, sixteen boys and thirteen girls. There were three first grade boys, three second grade boys, three fifth grade boys, sixth seventh grade boys and one eighth grade boy. There were two first grade girls and two second grade boys.



This school was destroyed by a storm in 1924. The wind took down the roof, the ceiling, and one wall. It was rebuilt. The new school was made of brick, and was southeast of the town of Dublin. Children from Dublin went to this school. The teacher was Miss Helen M. Moyer. There were 37 students. There were 20 girls and 17 boys. There were 3 boys in the first grade. There were 2 boys and 1 girl in the second grade. There weren't any students in the third grade. The fourth grade had 4 girls and 2 boys. There were 5 girls and 2 boys in the fifth grade. The sixth grade had 6 girls and 2 boys. There were 2 girls and 3 boys in the seventh grade. The eight grade had 3 boys and 2 girls. Today, this former school is a private residence.