Hilltown, like other municipalities must follow federal, state, and county laws. The township of Hilltown may also pass its own ordinances that its citizens must follow.

Residents elect three supervisors who propose and vote on these local ordinances.

The township is managed by a manager, Bruce Horrocks, and assistant manager Greg Lippincott. The township solicitor (lawyer), tax collector, township engineer, and auditors are also employed by the township.





Some current laws that Hilltown abides by are as follows :

  • one must be 16 years old to drive
  • one must be 18 years old to purchase any tobacco product
  • one must be 21 years old to purchase any alcoholic beverages
  • driving under the influence of alcohol is not permitted

The police, office staff,and public works employees are also paid by Hilltown Township.

Other individuals serve on committees that serve the public. These committees include:

  • Planning Commission
  • Park and Recreation Board
  • Zoning Hearing Board
  • Water & Sewer Authority
  • Vacancy Board
  • Emergency Management Coordinators
  • Fire Prevention Bureau