Miss Buckley's fourth grade class met with Mr. Lippincott, Hilltown's Assistant Township Manager at the Hilltown Township Municipal Building. He showed us the facility and explained what Hilltown Township does for its citizens today. Below we have listed the many things that he told us that the local government does for the people who live in Hilltown Township.


  • Provides services to a 27-square mile area, with more than 12,000 residents.
  • Maintains roads (pave roads, put down salt, plow snow, fix ditches)
  • Inspects Buildings / Gives building permits
  • Manages water and sewer
  • Provides police protection
  • Builds / maintains parks and recreation areas
  • Organizes events


Today taxes are collected to help pay for these government services. In addition to local taxes, municipalities are reimbursed by the state based upon the most recent census. The 1990 census was disputed by the Hilltown Township supervisors. In order to obtain the appropriate tax reimbursements in the future, Hilltown Township is making great efforts to have an accurate count in the next census.

Hilltown residents also pay taxes to the local Pennridge School District.


 1990 CENSUS

Between 1980 and 1990 ,1000 homes were built in Hilltown Township. The 1990 census showed an increase of only 280 people in Hilltown Township. These discrepant number problems were likely due to individuals who go to a post office such as Blooming Glen or Hilltown Township, who have Souderton, Telford, and Perkasie mailing addresses or who, as renters, were not recorded. There will be a concerted effort to gain a more accurate count during the 2000 census.