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Swartley's, Fretz's, and Pennville Schools


Swartley's School is built of stone, and like all other schools in Hilltown (except for one), it has a shingle roof. Miss Seidel was one of the teachers of this one room schoolhouse.

In the year 1924, Miss Seidel had an enrollment of fifty students, including twenty-four boys and twenty-six girls, for grades 1-8. Seven of the boys were beginners, and three of the girls were also beginners.



Fretz's School is supposed to be the second oldest school in Hilltown. This school is built of stone, and plaster over stone. This school was the only school with something on the playground to play with. Fretz's School is located along the Pike leading from Blooming Glen to Mount Pleasant. It is not quite at the pike, but just near it.

One of the teachers at this school was Emma Landis. She had forty-two pupils, eighteen of whom were boys, and twenty-four of whom were girls.

This school is about the average size of one room schoolhouses in Hilltown.




Pennville School sits on the Bethlehem Pike, about two miles south of Souderton. It is constructed of brick, and is a one story building.

In the 1924-25 school year, William Detwieler was the teacher. There were twenty four girls, including one first grader, seven second graders, four third graders, three fourth graders, three fifth graders, and six seventh graders. There were also twenty-six boys in the school. There were five first graders, six second graders, two third graders, six fourth graders, four fifth graders, one sixth grader, one seventh graders, and one eighth grader.