Mr. Jurin and 4th grade teachers                                                  Student name:

Data Collection Sheet - Local History Field Trip
West Rockhill Elementary School, 4th Grade
April and May 1999

A. Information gathered during entire trip:
1. Most of the roads do not go in _______________ lines. Why were they made this way?


2. Why are there many dead end roads in West Rockhill?


3. Count how many old stone houses you see while on the trip. __________________
Why this amount?


4. Count how many wetlands (swampy, marshy, streams) you see while on the trip.
____________________ Why does West Rockhill have so much wetlands?


B. Jerusalem Lutheran Church and Cemetery
1. A brief talk about early Rockhill will be given.
2. Do one of the activity cards to collect information from the cemetery. If you get
done early do another card.


C. Village of Ridge Valley -This is an example of a local village of 150 years ago.
1. Despite being small what does it have to make it a village?


2. Why didn't Ridge Valley grow into a town like Sellersville and Perkasie?


D. Municipal Park and Early West Rockhill School- Lunch and brief break.
Turn to other side. >>>>>>

E. Sellersville Borough Hall & Museum - example of government & services.
1. Write down one thing you learned from the speaker about local government.


2. Write about something you learned from visiting the Sellersville Museum.


F. Grand View Hospital and Holiday House
1. Describe one way the hospital or the Holiday House has changed over time.


G. Trolley Stop and White Horse Inn - If enough time, we will drive by them.
1. Long ago people traveled by _______________________ between Philadelphia
and Allentown/Bethlehem. They stayed at places like the White Horse Inn.

2. From the 1890's to the 1950's people could travel between towns by _______________.
The _________________ ended this kind of transportation.

H. Your feelings about the field trip and the lessons taught with it:
1. Was the field trip and lessons a good way of learning about local history?



2. What did you enjoy most about the trip and lessons?



3. What could be improved on the trip or lessons?