Due to the extensive amount of water available in West Rockhill Township, many mills were located in this community in the past. Many of the mills are no longer standing today. Here are two structures we found that are intact, though their working parts are no longer in place.

  This building on Old Mill Road (between Forest Road and Old Bethlehem Pike) is the barn on the property where a saw mill once stood in West Rockhill. This barn has been well restored. The waterway (the source of power) no longer runs close the property. Saw mills of the past (much as they do today,) take freshly cut trees and create a variety of different types of lumber from the logs. Early mills used water to power the mill. Later mills used gas engines and today most mills run on electrical power.

The mill below was formerly a grist mill. It is located at the intersections of Cathill Road, Quarry Road, and Clymer Avenue. The waterway is clearly visible, but no longer runs up to the structure.

 Stone mill building - now a private residence. Another old stone building of the same era is located next to the mill building.
The large mill stone used to grind the grain learns against the outside wall of one of the structures as a decoration today. Evidence of where the water entered the mill is found to the right of the building.