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Grand View Hospital started out in an old frame house. It was the first hospital in Bucks County and between Philadelphia and Allentown-Bethlehem. At first it housed a small number of patients. The hospital grew with many additions that made it possible to house more patients and expand services. This page will show you pictures of Grand View as additions were added and the year they were added.

Here is the house at which Grand View Hospital started in 1913. Dr. James Purcell sold his country home and sanitarium. Twenty-five local physicians began a hospital on the site. The original building had only six beds. Surgery was never performed in this building.   A new stone building was under construction in 1916 and dedicated in 1917. Antibiotics were unknown ways of healing at this time. During these early years there were many shortages including physicians and food supplies due to World War 1.
A second unit was added to Grand View in 1929. The addition was a four story stone building. This building shows porches which were later enclosed. In 1930 the hospital had 69 beds.   The third addition was added to Grand View Hospital in 1939. With this addition the maternity wing was added (on the right side of the picture). In 1940, 337 babies were born in the new maternity wing.
A new nurses home was built in 1951 in a separate three story brick structure. The fourth addition was added to Grand View Hospital in 1956. The addition was a brick building placed in front of the first three additions on the Lawn Avenue face of the building. In 1957, seventy-five additional beds were available in this new wing.   During the early 1970's there were many additional structures added to the Grand View Hospital complex. No specific structures were recorded photographically of these expansions at the rear of the hospital. During this time Grand View was licensed for over 200 beds.

Addition 5 was added in 1983 when a community wing was added. This expansion includes 30 additional beds, operating rooms, outpatient surgery facilities, maternity, auxiliary and support services. A home care program opened to provide post-hospital care.

In 1990 the hospital includes 250 beds and nearly 70 acres of land. The hospital employed 1,500 people with a medical staff of over 200.

  The South Wing, or addition 6 was added in 1992. Physical therapy, nuclear medicine, and new lobby focused the renovation on outpatient facilities. The new entrance way and traffic patterns were part of this hospital's enhancement. In addition, the new facades tie together the many older buildings for a coordinated experience.