ATTORNEY- Jeffrey Trauger Esq.


Jeff Trauger deals specifically with civil practice. He does handles cases dealing with corporations, business, zoning, bankruptcy, and collection law. He goes into court, but it is all pretty much in the state of Pennsylvania. Jeff travels to different courts as far away as Harrisburg; his travels are case pending.

Responsibilities of Being an Attorney

To begin with, an attorney must be a relatively responsible student. After high school there is 4 years of college and three years of law school.

There are expectations in every job and a lawyer's responsibilities are similar to many jobs.Your have to be responsible for your cases and your clients. Your firm may have business hours such as this firm's 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. schedule, but you have meetings to attend before and after those hours. "You need to get your work done," says Jeff Trauger.  
   When you are an attorney it is also your responsibility to read a lot. There is also a lot of writing, such as writing letters, complaints, and briefs. In addition, there is also a lot of talking on the phone.

The Ups and Downs of Being an Attorney

There are many positive aspects to being an attorney. It is an interesting profession to get into if you enjoy solving other's problems. You also get a sense of satisfaction if you win. There are also some great benefits that tag along with the profession such as a flexible vacation schedule if you get your work done (this varies depending upon the firm). The wage really depends on how good of a lawyer you are. The things that determine salary are if you get a lot of cases, and if you win in court.

There are still some down sides to this job including the aweful amount of stress involved, the disappointment of defeat, the great amount of reading, and the requirements of additional after businesses hours of work.

Mr. Trauger gave a final statement saying, "My job is challenging because laws are changing and cases pending. Experience is helpful. The more experience, the better I become."

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