J. Brooke Lewis is a dentist and the owner of the J. Brooke Lewis Family Dentistry office. To get to his position one has to go through 2-4 years of undergraduate school, and 4 years of dental school. Doctor Lewis attended Temple University to receive his degree. His job requires him to do all the procedures in the office except for the jobs he delegates to his employees. He is expected to work around 45 to 50 hours a week. The pay range for dentists in this area begins at about $40,000 per year. He gets satisfaction from providing the community with quality dental care.

Some positive aspects of his job are that he gives patients relief from pain, he changes their smiles, and boosts their self-esteem. He got into dentistry because his mother was a nurse and encouraged him to go into the medical field. He loves working with his hands and enjoys helping people to feel better about themselves. The age of his patients ranges from 2 to 92, but the average age is 35 to 50 years. If you were to make an appointment, you'd need to call the office, and give your name, age, and the specific problem your having.

Dr. Lewis is presently (Spring 2000)building an addition to his offices because he has out grown the facility and needs a bigger waiting room and more patient operatories. He employs 9 people and plans to eventually employ 11 to 12 people. His favorite procedures to perform are implants, bridges, and crowns; he enjoys those procedures because they all restore bad teeth to their original health. His advice for young dentists starting out is to keep taking as many continuing education courses as possible, read about procedures, and learn about new technologies and breakthroughs.

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