All about being a Doctor

"Being a physician is a very demanding field."


Dr.Conrad is a doctor at Tri Valley Primary Care. Being a doctor takes a lot of hard work and time out of your life.

School is a very important part of becoming a doctor. In order to get your doctorate you have to graduate from high school and then graduate from a four year college. The next step is going to medical school for four years and receiving a degree from the medical school. In order to keep your certification, you have to go to fifty hours of certified schooling a year.

"What exactly does a physician do?" A physician helps patients cure their sicknesses. They also do other related things like take x-rays and give shots. An important part of being a physician is that you have to be able to do paperwork and fill out information sheets on your patients so that a secretary can keep track of the bills.

Dr. Conrad told us many important things including the positives and negatives aspects of the physician's field. Positive points are that the job is fun and enjoyable because you are making people feel better. A major negative part of the job is that it is a hassle to deal with the insurance companies; they sometimes do not cover the medical paper work. The insurance companies are trying to make money for themselves, so they are very particular in what you can and cannot do to the patient.

 Would you consider becoming a physician? It is a very important and exciting position that pays well and can be both rewarding and challenging.


Hand and foot models used in explaining problems and treatments to patients.


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