Farmer - Paul Hockman

The farming career is very difficult. Although it requires little schooling, the farmer has many jobs. Farmers have to know all about machinery, they have to know about agriculture, and they have to know what each animal's needs. It is around-the-clock work, very expensive, and the job has a low pay range (between 3 and 4 dollars an hour). Farming equipment is particularly expensive. For example, a combine can cost up to $20,000.

The advantages of being a farmer are: you get to be your own boss and you can teach young workers how to be responsible. There are also negative aspects of farming. One major negative aspect is that the pay is not even minimum wage (now $5.50 per hour).

Mr Paul Hockman checking the milking appartus.


Each cow is tagged for identification.

New calves bedded down in hay which provides warmth to these young creatures.


Cows are fed in their stalls where they are also milked using mechanical milking machinery.

Penn View Farm  Farmer-Paul Hockman  Milking Production Equipment