Bernadette's Fresh Seafood Market and Cafe


Service- Bernadette's sells fresh, high quality seafood. There is a small café in the store where you can eat in or take out food. They also prepare food that you can buy and take home to cook yourself. And some of the food can be seasoned the way you like it.

Location and Hours- Bernadette's Seafood and Café is located on Market Street in Perkasie. The store is open Tuesday through Saturday. Tuesday and Wednesday it is open 11:00 to 6:00, Thursday it's open 11 to 7, Friday 11 to 8, and Saturday 10 to 8.

Type of Business- Bernadette's is a profit making company that is considered a sole proprietorship. It is a family run business and has been open for approximately nine months. Bernadette's is a retail store that sells high quality seafood. You can enjoy your food at the small cafe that they have or you can and eat and/or cook it at your home.


Menu- The menu at Bernadette's is very health conscious. They do not deep-fry anything. Bernadette's also offers beef, chicken, and buffalo meat. The seafood which they sell comes from multiple suppliers and they ship it in fresh daily.The owner also has a chef friend who sometimes prepares special foods for patrons.

Business Growth- Bernadette's has been operating for a year, so they cannot really say how they will grow in the future. They feel they need more time to let the business grow and are hopeful that it will.


Fresh seafood available at Bernadette's.