Neighboring Town of Sellersville and West Rockhill

Small Town contrasted with Rural Community

Driving through the small town of Sellersville, you can see how it contrasts significantly with neighboring West Rockhill. The Boro of Sellersville has buildings located right next to each other and has developed around major transportation arteries. There is little property in Sellersville to develop today. West Rockhill remains a rural community. In West Rockhill there are a few commercially zoned areas, while many businesses can be found throughout Sellersville.

Washington House

Architectural styles have changed over the years in Sellersville. One of the most distinctive pieces of architecture is the Washington House. This Victorian-style building has a rich historical heritage. The building itself contrasts significantly with buildings found in West Rockhill. It rises more than five stories high in the heart of Sellersville. In contrast, West Rockhill buildings are usually one or two stories high; some rise to the third floor with a full attic.

  This is a photo of the front of the Washington House cupola. This building has served as an inn, bar, and today is a restaurant and apartments.  Notice the victorian details that have been preserved over the years. This is also called a widow's walk on the top of the cupola.

Downtown Sellersville today. Note how buildings are located next to each other. At this intersection you can find an apartment building, numerous offices, antique, baseball card and trophy stores, and an insurance agency. Cars are parked on the street or in parking lots.

Interrelationship of West Rockhill and Sellersville Boro

West Rockhill and Sellersville not only share a large border, but have a history that has required mutual planning and benefit. The transportation systems, economics and many resources of the communities are integrated. One example of sharing of resources is the use of West Rockhill Township water by the Boro of Sellersville. A large catch basin located in West Rockhill on Catch Basin Road provides water to Sellersville. Sellersville has one of the two water reservoirs for Sellersville on the Ridge Road. Water from the catch basin is filtered at the Ridge Road location where up to 1.1 million gallons of water can be stored.


Catch Basin © 1905

Catch Basin today

Reservoir on Ridge Road

  Sellersville Boro Marker dated 1932 located (on West Rockhill Township property) next to catch basin

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