In West Rockhill the trolley was a major mode of transportation at the turn of the century. Below are pictures of a trolley and of a bridge that the trolley would travel on. They also used the horse and buggy for transportation as shown in the top right hand corner of the left picture below.

This is a picture of a trolley in West Rockhill. This picture is dated ©1905. This is a picture of a trolley bridge in Sellersville. This picture was also dated © 1905.

The Derstine Bridge in West Rockhill © 1905. Today this bridge is no longer in use. Remains of the bridge appear at the bottom of this photo with the new Route 152 Highway above.

The train also helped to tie the area to Philadelphia and the Allentown / Bethlehem areas. Today the railroad line is not used for commuter service; numerous attempts have been made to reopen the northern section of this line from Lansdale to Bethlehem for commuter use. This rail line is now only occasionally used for freight transport. Deterioration of the line and such elements as the Rockhill tunnel have made opening the line difficult.

This turn of the century postcard shows the train leaving Sellersville.  Rockhill Tunnel just north of Perkasie (1999) with deteriorating wall (right side).
The trestle bridge in the center of Sellersville reminds us of a bygone era when trade centered around the railroad line. This view of Sellersville shows how close this mill and other businesses were to major transportation arteries.

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