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Wheel and Axle

The wheel and axle is a part of the crusher we saw on our field trip to the H & K Quarry. A wheel and axle is a kind of simple machine, and it makes work easier. The axle is the fulcrum of the wheel. How can a lever be a wheel? It becomes clear if you think of a wheel as series of levers rotating around a centrally placed fulcrum. Some wheels have no purpose other than to reduce friction.
If the wheel and axle industry stopped, what would we use to get around? The wheel and axle was invented by early humans. It was used by the king and queen of Egypt. The wheel and axle can not only be used by cars and bikes but other things too. Did you know that a doorknob is a wheel and axle?
This picture is about the wheel and axle of the crusher. The wheel and axle are an important part of the crusher. They help it move rock into and out of the crusher.