Walter Baum's Life Story


Walter Emerson Baum was a descendent of immigrant farmers. He was born in 1884. Baum loved his heritage and it came through in his paintings. Besides being a painter, he was also a teacher and a writer. For thirty years he wrote numerous newspaper articles and in 1938, wrote the book Two Hundred Years about his childhood. Baum's career as a painter started when he studied under William Trego, a history artist, at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

Walter had a wife, (Flora), and four children. In 1925 his reputation was greatly affected when he won the Jennie Sesnan Gold Medal. This was a wonderful achievement and he became very successful. He inspired many people as both a teacher and an artist. He had a gentle personality and was an enthusiastic man. Throughout the rest of his life he continued to touch the lives of the people of West Rockhill and Pennridge with his beautiful talent and his kind heart. Walter Baum died in 1956.

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