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In 1917 when the first permanent structure was built at Grand View Hospital. The new building housed the first x-ray unit at Grand View Hospital. In 1930  the first X-ray technician was hired. The X-ray department was renovated in 1962. A new addition in 1970  included a new x-ray facility. In 1975, the 1917 wing was demolished to make room for x-ray expansion in the center of the Grand View facility. In 1985 an in-house CAT scanner was added in radiology. In 1986 a satellite outpatient facility opened in Pennsburg to provided x-ray and laboratory services.

X-Ray machines have improved greatly over the years. In particular, the amount of radiation that a person is exposed to has been significantly reduced with modern equipment. The pictures below show past and present examples of this equipment.

 1929 x-ray machine    1936 x-ray machine

Modern X-ray equipment