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Death of Pearl S. Buck


(Note the name on the grave marker is in Chinese. Pearl S. Buck spent her childhood in China as the daughter of missionaries. Her grave marker is a reminder of returning to her roots.)

Pearl Comfort Sydenstricker was born on June 26, 1884 in Hillsboro, West Virginia. During her life time she made many positive contributions. Pearl wrote many books such as East Wind; West Wind, The Good Earth, The Patriot, The Good Deed, and many more fiction, general interest, and children's books. She also became interested in the struggle of the Chinese people. The Pearl S. Buck Foundation was set up in January, 1964. She also became a principal of Stratton Productions, Inc.

She died shortly before her 81st birthday in 1973. She is now buried on the grounds of her estate. You can go and visit the Pearl S. Buck House and see her life accomplishments. If you would like information about visiting you should visit our visitors information web page!