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Pearl S. Buck's Pictures


This is a statue of Pearl walking beside a child. It symbolizes the many children she cared for over the years.

The next picture is the back entrance into Pearl's house. Her love of nature is evidenced throughout the property.


 This statue by Selma Burke (Bucks County sculptor) symbolizes the type of help that the Pearl S. Buck Foundation does - helping all children, all races and religions.

This stone farmhouse was the home of Pearl S. Buck for many years. As an author she earned funds to support and raise many adopted children herself. These children went to school in our school district - the Pennridge School District.


New offices added on the grounds of the Pearl S. Buck estate serve as headquarters for the foundation.

 A large greenhouse is found at the rear of the house. It was a farmhouse before Ms. Buck purchased it as her home.


This is Pearl S. Buck's grave where she is buried. Her property, called Green Hills, is where she lived in Hilltown.

This is the top of Pearl's grave. This grave marker is inscribed with Pearl's name in Chinese. China is where she spent her childhood with her missionary parents.