Sometimes families leave monuments behind to honor their family members who died. These monuments can be simple or extravagant. The way the monuments and markers look depends on the age of the marker and the wealth of the person.


Different areas of the country and different religions have different types of monuments.Though many individuals still honor the dead with tombstones in graveyards, many individuals are honored in other ways. For example, a stained glass window can be dedicated in the memory of a loved one. Other people are remembered by having public parks, buildings, or works of art dedicated to their memories. Many individuals are remembered when loved ones place flowers on a grave.

This is a picture of a lot of different monuments at the UCC graveyard in Ridge Valley. As you can see, monuments can vary in size, shape and age.   This monument happens to be a tombstone for siblings.   Medallions and special markers indicate something special about the person buried here. This marker indicates military service in Korea.   The style of tombstones and the writing on the stone give many clues to the history of the individual buried at a grave site.