Different tombstones can tell us about the history of a family. The more elaborate headstones tell us that the family was wealthier than most families. The headstones that are not very nicely cut and carved indicate that the family was not very wealthy or that the headstone is very old and is deteriorating.

 This early gravestone shows a PA. Dutch (German) design at the top and is written in German. Early gravestones are often made from field stones found in the area.  Here is another early gravestone. The writing is practically impossible to read due to the effects of the weather on the gravestone.
 Historians suggest that a head of an angel, such as this at the top of the gravestone, would ward off evil. Lettering on this early marker is almost impossible to read due to weathering of the tombstone's fieldstone.
This is a picture of a monument for a family. This one is very nicely carved, so you can tell that this family probably had a little bit more money.  This tombstone shows where a couple was buried together. The tombstone is made of granite, which is affected less by the elements than marble and fieldstones.

Unfortunately, vandalism can be a problem at local graveyards. Individuals who cause damage to graveyards by trying to knock over or break an old tombstone do not realize that the are destroying local artifacts - our local history.