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Farm animals are found all over our community. The most common farm animals are cows used on both dairy farms and as livestock (for their meat). Other common farm animals are chickens, goats, sheep, horses, hogs and pigs, and turkeys. One unusual farm in the area even has llamas.

Mother & calf at Bishop farm    Calf at Wyse farm    Cows at Weikel farm


Proud rooster at Tabora Orchard

Llamas at Blumenland Farm


These turkeys are from Bolton's Turkey Farm which is right around the corner from our middle school. They are a well known poultry farm because their their turkeys and chickens are organically fed.


Spring lambs from the Weikel farm.


Pigs (hogs) from the Weikel farm.


Horses from one of many local small stables in Hilltown.