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One hundred years ago, most people in Hilltown made their livelihood by working as farmers. A few individuals had other occupations, but even those individuals often did some farming. There were craftsmen such as blacksmiths, wheelwrights and millers, all who depended on the local farmers as customers.

Today this community has changed significantly. Fewer and fewer farmers are found in Hilltown. Many of the farmers in Hilltown also have a second income with another job. The community as a whole is filled with individuals with all types of occupations. Large former farms may serve today as the home of a doctor, lawyer, computer programmer, or real estate sales person. They may rent out their fields to other farmers in the area or they may mow acres of lawn that was once farm land.

View toward Keystone Drive of Penn Field Industries Hilltown Crossing Shopping Center on Route 309

There are commercially zoned sections of Hilltown that have brought numerous small industries and stores to the community. Citizens appreciate the convenience of the stores but realize that they are losing the rural nature of the community.

Developments in the community of Hilltown have caused recent concern for the local taxpayers. More residents means the need for more services such as road maintenance, police personnel, and other individuals to manage these communities. In particular, the recent population increase has caused the need for many new school buildings in our school district, and in fact this growth has occurred throughout Bucks County, Pennsylvania.