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Blooming Glen Store today (formerly Bishop's Store)   Blooming Glen looking east (1999).
 Bishop's Store in Blooming Glen © 1906    Blooming Glen looking east © 1906.


Hilltown Township was organized around the year 1722 and was the first township established northwest of Buckingham Township. Though early settlers to the area were Welsh, there are no Welsh place names in the township (or the county). The township's name was Hilton for thirty years. The origin of the name is unknown.. The present name of Hilltown is likely a misspelling or adaptation of Hilton.Villages in Hilltown included :

During the 1870's, the village of Blooming Glen went by the name of Moyer's Store and contained one of two post offices in the township (the other in Hilltown). The name change of Blooming Glen is dated to approximately the 1880's.

 Blooming Glen looking North. © 1906   Employees and clothing Factory of M. Brown © 1906, Blooming Glen, PA.


   Details of Blooming Glen Store  

Today Blooming Glen is a large village with a number of businesses and numerous homes. The village still has a lot of farm land surrounding the village itself. There is heavy traffic on Route 113 that passes through the village.

Mile marker at Route 113 and Blooming Glen Road   Arch top window at Blooming Glen Store   Water pump in Blooming Glen

Recently the Blooming Glen store was purchased by two new owners who restored this significant architectural structure. The building is now being used as an office and store on the first floor and apartments above.