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  • Swenk's Mill, Blooming Glen, PA. Jacob L. Swenk, Proprietor
  • Morris Run Mill, P.O. Address Perkasie, PA. R.F.D. No 3, © 1906
   The mill today - no longer functioning as a mill.

This early mill is located on Schwenk Mill road. The mill was called Swenk's Grist Mill. The original mill was built April 8, 1749. The mill had many names including Yost's Mill. This mill was marked on George Washington's battlefield map of the Old Bethlehem Road (used from 1775-1782). Below are some pictures of what remains of the mill today and other parts of the mill grounds.

 View of mill today from water approach in the raceway.    Remains of the mill works including various gears in the base of the mill.

The pictures below are the water raceway, the ditch where the water comes from, the water entrance and the exit. A dam was built across a nearby stream in order to provide a reliable water source of power. The water was transported to the mill via a mill race dug by hand two centuries ago.