Working Farms


Working Farms
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 Beer family farm on Creamery Road    Bishop farm on Hilltown Pike

 Farmers today are different than farmers 50 years ago. There are two types of farms, individually-owned farms and company farms. Individually-owned farms are having trouble competing with the big corporate farms. As a result, most farmers today have occupations other than farming. This other occupation provides another income to the farmer. Farming equipment is also different than the equipment used back in the days of the farmer's ancestors. Most of the equipment is mechanical and powered by gasoline. In addition, farms today are often more specialized. They specialize either in dairy, livestock, or other farm products.

View of Beer farm from Blooming Glen Road.    Bolton Turkey farm and store features organically grown turkeys, chickens, and black angus beef.

Weikel farm on Callowhill Road featured in farm equipment section of this presentation.   Weikel farm buildings showing main barn on right and other storage buildings and animal shelters